I'm a 25 year old booze writer specializing in wine, craft beer, whisky and all fine fermented things. AMA!

The Sublime Imbiber
Jun 9, 2017

I started avidly tasting wine when I was 16, and it wasn't long after that I started documenting my journey in the form of my website, Sublime Imbibing.

Applying what I learned about wine tasting, I was caught in the rising tide of the craft beer movement, and had the opportunity to learn from some amazing industry professionals.

Whisky is my latest passion, but one of my most rewarding. It's also been my gateway into cocktail creation (which I'm still incredibly sophmoric with). 

Want to learn more about a type of alcohol? Or just gab about your favourite drink? AMA!


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Best compliment you have received?

Jun 12, 5:41PM EDT0

Have you heard of alcoholic popscicles? Have you tried or made any yourself?

Jun 9, 1:58PM EDT1

I have! I made prosecco popsicles last summer and they were delish :)

Jun 9, 2:01PM EDT0

What alcohol doesn't mix with?

Jun 9, 1:56PM EDT1

Scotch and Vodka don't mix, despite what Tommy Wiseau would have you believe.

Last edited @ Jun 9, 2:00PM EDT.
Jun 9, 2:00PM EDT0

What is the reason of that? Any chemistry behind?

Jun 11, 9:03PM EDT0

What do you have about bartneding?

Jun 9, 1:55PM EDT1

You mean like a blog post? I've done a few about cocktail creation, but I haven't had the opportunity to tend a real bar myself :)

Jun 9, 2:01PM EDT0

Have you had any sort of relationships with some of your customers, one night stands?

Jun 9, 1:54PM EDT0

Ummm.....not sure what you think my blog is about.....but no.....

Jun 9, 2:02PM EDT0

A friend of mine routinely suffers from 3-day hangovers. Is this normal?

Jun 9, 1:40PM EDT1

That is extremely troubling -- could indicate imminent liver failure. I'd advise him to talk to a doctor ASAP.

Jun 9, 1:57PM EDT0

What are your tricks for preventing a hangover?

Jun 9, 8:29AM EDT1

I asnwered a similar question down below so I'll copy the reply:

"The best way is to plan ahead. Stay hydrated BEFORE you start drinking, and there will be less recovery the morning after.Another tip I heard from a hardened Eastern European drinker was "alcohol always up." In effect, mixing drinks is ok, as long as they get stonger in a linear way, e.g. beer -> wine -> cocktails -> spirits. There is absolutely zero science behind this as far as I can tell, and it may be just in my head, but when I follow it during a night of heavy drinking, I generally feel better the next day.The best tip is simply to drink in moderation. Hangovers aren't fun, so sip it slow, and keep quantities moderate."

Jun 9, 10:09AM EDT0
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Can you tell the difference between generic and premium liquors in a blind test?

Jun 9, 2:56AM EDT1

I've actually had the chance to do this before, a few times. Sometimes generic liquors can be great, in other cases premium varieties underwhelming.That said, more often than not you get what you pay for. And you can definitely tell. The dead giveaway? The finish -- cheap whisky (for instance) can be heavily oaked which can mask some undesirable flavours, but on the finish, when the loudness of other flavours subside, you can taste the true nature of the beast. 

I find truly excellent spirits maintain and evolve on the finish without dimishing in quality, where cheap or poor drinks tend to drop off imediatley after you swallow.

Here's an article where I compare a lower Talisker to a premium one. 

And here's another blind tasting I did.

Jun 9, 10:07AM EDT0

What are your own favorite bartender tools?

Jun 8, 11:00PM EDT1

Great question. My essentials involve a shaker, a muddler, and some appropriate glassware. You don't need to get too fancy, with those you'll have almost every cocktail covered.

Jun 9, 10:02AM EDT12
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What are the perks of being a booze writer?

Jun 8, 10:10PM EDT1

Undoubtedly -- THE BOOZE. Seriously, I drink a lot more for free than I ever thought I would. 

That said, meeting the people in the industry is an awesome perk too. It's one thing to have a beer you really enjoy, it's another to shake the hand of the genius behind it. 

Jun 9, 10:01AM EDT21

How about hookups??

Jun 9, 1:53PM EDT0

What's your opinion about flavored vodkas?

Jun 8, 4:56AM EDT1

I'm not really interested. I figure if you want to add flavours, buy some bitters and make a cocktail! Flavoured vodka often tastes overly sweet and a bit chemichally to me. 

Jun 8, 10:28AM EDT0

Have you ever worked behind a bar?

Jun 8, 4:03AM EDT1

I have not -- but I have enrormous respect for people who do. 

Jun 8, 10:25AM EDT0

What are some publications you've written for?

Jun 8, 1:17AM EDT1

I've done a ton of content swapping with other blogs, but I'm a frequent contributor on Chicago Bourbon Blog and Brew Studs. 

I also used to have a booze column for the Western Gazette, and a radio show where I gabbed about drinking.

Jun 8, 10:25AM EDT0

Do you write a blog, and why or why not?

Jun 7, 11:08PM EDT1

I do! It's called Sublime Imbibing. 

Jun 8, 10:20AM EDT0

What are some of the craziest names of craft beers?

Jun 7, 10:38PM EDT1

Oh man there's so many. I'm a sucker for a good pun. In Ontario we have some good ones "Robo Hop" "Hoptical Illusion" many more "hop" related ones.As for weird, one of the best IPAs from Toronto is from Great Lakes Brewery and is called "Octopus Wants to Fight". Not sure what that means exactly but it sure makes you think.

Jun 9, 1:20PM EDT0

How much of your writing is done on a freelance basis?

Jun 7, 10:21PM EDT1

I'd say around half at this point. I still write a ton for my blog, although as freelancing picks up I seem to have less and less time.

Jun 8, 10:19AM EDT0

What is your personal preference among wine, beer and hard liquor?

Jun 7, 8:42PM EDT1

REALLY tough. I'd have to say my first and truest love is wine, so I'd have to pick that. Even though I tend to drink beer and liquor more often than I drink wine nowadays. 

Jun 8, 10:17AM EDT0

What's your favorite quote on the topic of liquor?

Jun 7, 4:11PM EDT1

Oh man I have a bunch."Pouring out liquor is like burning books." -- William Faulkner."Too much of anything is bad, but too much good whiskey is barely enough." -- Mark Twain.

Jun 8, 10:16AM EDT0

What are your views on tipping bartenders?

Jun 7, 2:56PM EDT1

I think tipping is a bit outmoded. Realistically, everyone should receive an adequate wage, which wouldn't require tipping.

But since we're not there yet, bartenders don't make great money, and they provide a pretty damn good service, I'd say tip if you're happy!

Jun 8, 10:12AM EDT0

Have you ever operated a moonshine still?

Jun 7, 2:10PM EDT1

I haven't! But I know someone who does and their Moonshine packs a PUNCH. I don't mind it, but it will never be my go-to. 

Jun 8, 10:11AM EDT0
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