I am a mom who writes blogs about cooking and female fashion. Ask Me Anything!

Jun 21, 2017

I am a mom who writes blogs about cooking and female fashion. And I thing I could share advice or two? And of course, I am always open to new ideas and advice from you. #AMA pls! Thank you!


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What is the fashion trend you will never come back to?

Jun 21, 10:25PM EDT0

What's a clothing piece you think all girls should have?

Jun 21, 5:15PM EDT39

Nice question Farah! Everybody is saying that every girl needs a little black dress, but I will go with a pair of black shoes. Because I love shoes, and I have a few pairs of black shoes and I wear them literally in every occasion. And I can't imagine a life without them!

Jun 22, 1:16AM EDT51

High-heeled shoes, of course?

Jun 22, 4:42AM EDT21

What are some practical tips for novice bloggers?

Jun 19, 7:39PM EDT1

Every beginning is a hard one. You need to read a lot about it, to learn a lot, and don't give up.

Jun 20, 7:10AM EDT0

Hi, can you help - how to cook the right mulled wine?

Jun 19, 3:43PM EDT53

That all depends on your taste. I put a measure of red wine, a 1/4 measure of water and a spoon of sugar (or two if you like it sweeter). Add a little of cinnamon, 2-3 cloves, little vanilla flavoured sugar (and you can add some other spices that you love). Boil this 2-3 minutes and that is it. 

Jun 20, 7:09AM EDT23

Oh, thanks!

Jun 22, 4:35AM EDT10

How do you juggle being a mom and a blogger?

Jun 19, 2:04AM EDT0

First is my baby and my family and then blogging and everything else. 

Jun 20, 7:05AM EDT0

Do you network with other bloggers, and why or why not?

Jun 18, 3:05PM EDT0

Of course I do. As I wrote many times, I read a lot of bloggs, and I learn a lot from every single of them. 

Jun 20, 7:02AM EDT0

How do you build up traffic to your blogs?

Jun 18, 12:32PM EDT1

On social networks (such as FB) you have groups where you share your posts and links to your blog. So people are curious, and they check out what is new and what is going on. 

Jun 20, 7:04AM EDT0

How do you distinguish your blogs from the plethora online?

Jun 18, 2:43AM EDT0

It takes time, but quality always finds it's way out. 

Jun 20, 2:05AM EDT0

Do you read fashion magazines? If yes, what are they?

Jun 17, 9:33PM EDT50

Mostly I read Elle and a few national ladies magazines. 

Jun 19, 2:11AM EDT30

Any online magazines?

Jun 22, 3:46AM EDT38

Can you advise me an outfit for a date - I'm 23

Jun 17, 6:46PM EDT33

Not too big decolletage (leave something to imagination). And not too much of make up. Be natural.

Jun 19, 2:08AM EDT33

The thing is I usually wear sort of grunge clothes but now I want to wear something romantic but not eliminating my style  ...

Jun 22, 3:59AM EDT27

What new trends do you hate?

Jun 17, 1:48PM EDT44

I dislike print on print. And rainbow colored hair.

Jun 19, 2:07AM EDT53

What do you think about dark lipstick, like blue, dark-green, or black, in everyday makeup?

Jun 22, 4:11AM EDT34

What's your favourite clothes style?

Jun 17, 10:09AM EDT0

Since I studied economy and financees, and I imagined myself as businesswoman, I adore classics and white shirts. With dark pants or with jeans. Or white tees. ( I adore white)

Jun 19, 2:06AM EDT0

What do your kids think about having a blogger mom?

Jun 17, 2:20AM EDT0

My child is 1,5 yrs old. He doesn't have that big fund of words to express his opinion(yet. :D ).

Jun 19, 2:04AM EDT0

What is the response you get when you say you're a blogger?

Jun 16, 9:35PM EDT0

People consider it nice. And I consider it as a part time.  

Jun 19, 2:03AM EDT0

Have you ever thought about working as a stylist, Ivana?

Jun 16, 7:41PM EDT0

No I didn't. If the opportunity shows up, why not. :D

Jun 19, 2:02AM EDT0

How did you choose a blogging platform, and which did you choose?

Jun 16, 3:35PM EDT0

I found the informations in the different articles on the net. So I decided to try it out.

Jun 19, 2:00AM EDT0

Have you ever had your blog content stolen?

Jun 16, 12:52PM EDT0

No. Not yet. 

Jun 19, 1:55AM EDT0

Who are some of your favorite bloggers, and why?

Jun 16, 12:13PM EDT0

I don't have favorite bloggers. I read everything I find on the themes I decide to explore.

Jun 19, 1:54AM EDT0

How does the design of your cooking and fashion blogs differ?

Jun 16, 11:14AM EDT0

The themes adre different, and I don't create clothes I am witing about. And in the dishes I make I am changing a thing or two. Almost every time.

Jun 19, 1:53AM EDT0

Why did you choose these particular topics?

Jun 16, 3:58AM EDT0

I always adored to cook. It is something that is the most normal and common in my family. We all cook good. And clothes I chose because I have read a lot about it, I created some clothes for myself, and I love to shop. And I like to shop. So I think I can say a word or two on the themes.

Jun 19, 1:52AM EDT0
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