How many countries have you cooked from? I am cooking through every country at and have about 70 countries under my belt. Ask Me Anything!

Evelyne at CulturEatz
May 21, 2018

Hi! I am Evelyne and I am the owner of the CulturEatz blog, a delicious site featuring international dishes, exotic meal ideas, easy prep recipes and fun foods made with spices and exotic ingredients.

Most of us grew up in a household where the same repetitive 8 recipes were served all year, as the selection of ingredients was limited. With the internet, the world has opened up. Our curious taste buds now yearn to try all the delectable dishes we see from various countries. By now just about everyone has ventured into the occasional sushi place or Chinese and Indian restaurants. But we have all turned down a dish at some point purely out of fear of the unknown, right?

The CulturEatz blog is a wonderful way for you to discover the different cuisines, ingredients, and flavors found in dishes from around the world. Here you will find exotic recipes, descriptions of unknown ingredients, dinner stories, restaurant reviews and so much more. Soon you will be trying new cuisines at your local ethnic restaurants and even give it a go in your own kitchen.

My mottos: Find cultural diversity on your plate! and Recipes that unlock a world of appetite!


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Here is a video of my favorite farmer's market in Montreal. If you like, I hope you will subscribe!

So how many countries have you cooked from? Ask Me Anything!

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When do you think you will achieve to have cooked a recipe from every country in the world?
May 24, 5:42PM EDT1

Hi JAUSTRIA and tough question. Even though I have been blogging for almost 11 years, I just started keeping track of the countries I have cooked from. I have cooked from 66 so far and there are 195 countries. I have 129 to go. At 1 a month per year...10 years. YIKES!

To help me stay on track I did start a blogger group called Eat the World where we do a country a month.

May 24, 6:12PM EDT0
What is your go-to meal when you're low on time?
May 24, 11:48AM EDT1

Hi NUNNALLY. Short answer: take-out or delivery lol. but made at home I like to do a quick cheese sauce with milk and flour in a pan while noodles are cooking. Maybe top it off with a fried egg. And a simple plain salad on the side.

May 24, 12:08PM EDT0
Is there a country whose food you are not particularly interested in?
May 24, 11:27AM EDT1

Great question KATHLEEN! Hmm, I am interested in discovering foods from all countries but I have to say smaller African countries are really hard to a) find an authentic recipe and b) the recipes are often bland or unoriginal. Not sure why, maybe the lack of available local ingredients.

May 24, 12:10PM EDT0
What ingredient has been a discovery for you through your cooking?
May 24, 6:31AM EDT1

Hi IAMJC16! Oh wow, lots of them. Discovered a lot of fun spicy condiments from Asian markets, recently bought cricket flour, I have learned to make my own extracts so I did a lilac one, banana flower. I chronicle my more unusual finds under a section I call Evelyne's Unusuals :-)

May 24, 7:27AM EDT0
If you could only eat two dishes for the rest of your life, what would it be?
May 24, 1:58AM EDT1

What a hard question RHIZZSY lol! Now do I pick two mains to have some sort of a rotation, or a main and a dessert ... because I do have a major sweet tooth. Let's for the later. OK I know my dessert will be my all time favorite cake, the Punschtorte and lobster with garlic butter.

May 24, 7:43AM EDT0
Do you have any local tips to avoid falling into the ‘tourist trap’?
May 21, 10:34PM EDT1

Hi ROMA-KAYA! If you have time to plan ahead, I would do online research and see if you can find the best restaurant locals like. If you are at the destination and not able to get online, ask locals or go 2-3 streets behind the main tourist area.

May 22, 2:15PM EDT0
Do you remember the very first time you discovered that you had a love for cooking? How was it?
May 21, 1:26PM EDT1

HI BHARATISARKAR! it was a Saturday morning, I was maybe 8, you know back when the parents were asleep and kids watched cartoons on tv :-) I just picked up a cookbook, followed a recipe, and made cookies. My mom flipped a bit when she got up and saw I used the oven. The next week she supervised and saw I knew what I was doing and she just let me be after that :-) I started baking every weekend.

May 22, 2:18PM EDT0
What would be your dream destination regarding food?
May 21, 9:21AM EDT1

Hi CEOME! Everywhere lol! But if I had to be more specific, just saw lots of great videos on street food in Oaxaca, Mexico. The Philippines and Indonesia seem mysterious too. And spend way more time eating in China!

May 22, 2:20PM EDT0
What’s the most important lesson you’ve learnt from old recipes?
May 21, 7:15AM EDT1

Hi JUEL RANA! Read those old recipes a few times. Sometimes the concept if a measurement of an ingredient has changed. There are old terms we no longer use too. Or the recipe can say a cup but it may have nothing to do with an actual 8oz cup. Also, if I look at say some of my grandmother's recipe, she skipped writing a lot of steps because it was obvious to her, so you have to do a bit of online research to fill in the gaps.

May 22, 2:24PM EDT0
What’s your favorite recipe from your blog?
May 20, 4:46PM EDT1

Hi NOOR12! Oh that is such a hard question, it's like asking who is your favorite child lol. My first answer is .... the last recipe I posted lol. But I think a better answer would be which recipes I make over and over again. Since I am always on the lookout for new stuff, that fact that I remake a recipe says a lot. I am very fond of the Brazilian Moqueca fish stew, I am a new convert to the Thai steamed fish, and the Punschtorte is the best freaking cake EVER! :-)

May 22, 2:31PM EDT0

What is the dish you are most looking forward to preparing in the near future?

May 18, 4:18PM EDT1

Hey STUFR, I don't always plan too far ahead recipe-wise. I have bookmarked so many to do recipes I have lost track lol. Upcoming on the bog will be a Swedish recipe, I have not cooked a recipe from that country yet. And I finally got my hands on some cricket flour this weekend haha!

May 22, 2:38PM EDT0

What dish totally failed whilst preparing? 

May 18, 4:18PM EDT1

Good one STUFR, I do keep some failed recipes on my blog lol, I mean it happens. We food bloggers are not perfect! I have this Biscuit Joconde Imprimé and this COCONUT MODAK

May 22, 2:41PM EDT0

What dish you ever made are you most proud of?

May 18, 4:17PM EDT1

Hi STUFR, Oh tough question! I'll give you a top 3:

3. No Bake Lilac Blueberry Cheesecake, awesome and I made my own Lilac extract.

2. The Austrian Punschtorte, best cake ever and it was hard to get an English recipe, I had to translate a few German recipes online and combine 3 of them together to get the cake I had tasted there.

1. The last dish from my 10 week Liver Experiment series (where I conquered most of my disgust for lover) was, in my opinion, worthy of a 5-star restaurant dish, the Liver on Polenta with a Ginger-Onion Confit.

May 22, 2:49PM EDT0

What was the most difficult dish you ever prepared? 

May 18, 4:17PM EDT1

Hey STUFR! Puff pastry, where you have to fold butter in the dough, roll it out, fold the dough back up, roll it out...many times over to get the flaky baked pastry, has been my nemesis. A great example of that is the dessert called Kouign Amann, which hails from Britanny, France. You can see my first sad attempt here, and my successful Kouign Amann here (finally!) about 5 years later when I was ready to try it again.

May 22, 2:35PM EDT0
Do you have two or three all-time favorite recipes?
May 18, 5:30AM EDT1

Hi MAWADDAH! Very hard to pick just a few, I have mentioned some in other answers, like the Brazilian Moqueca fish stew, my recent try at the Thai steamed fish (I ate half 'on set' after the photo shoot and the Punschtorte cake. One recipe I made once I really should make again was the Tortuga Rum Cake, it was so good. And my Coconut Cream Pie is the bomb!

May 22, 3:03PM EDT0
Do you let readers of CulturEatz send you ideas of new recipes to try?
May 17, 11:23PM EDT1

Hi PIKOMONDE. I am definitely open to suggestions. I have done polls in the past and asked which countries they wanted more coverage from. I should do one again actually :-) And if someone makes a suggestion in a comment to a blog post I'll keep it in mind as well. I have a page on my blog called Eat the World where I link to every country I have cooked from already so it is a good reference for readers.

May 18, 6:40AM EDT0
What has been the hardest recipe you have ever had to re-create?
May 17, 9:37PM EDT1

Great question MISHELYN REYES! If a recipe is well written and you follow it well, it will turn out OK. I need more work on my cake decorating skills. But there is one dessert which took me a while to master and not give up. And that is basically puff pastry where you have to fold butter in the dough, roll it out, fold the dough back up, roll it out...many times over to get the flaky baked pastry.

A great example of that is the dessert called Kouign Amann, which hails from Britanny, France. You can see my first sad attempt here, and my successful Kouign Amann here (finally!) about 5 years later when I was ready to try it again.

Last edited @ May 22, 2:50PM EDT.
May 18, 6:49AM EDT0
What region of the world has the most difficult ingredients to acquire?
May 17, 9:30PM EDT1

Hi JOSHUABONAQUE! Well with the internet nowadays and all the ethnic grocery stores in my city, I have never come across an ingredient I could not find, so not sure about regions. There is only one ingredient I cannot get my hands on and that is salep, what makes Turkish ice cream stretchy.

Salep comes from the bulbs of specific species of orchids. It is rare and illegal to export out of Turkey. The closest I have come to making stretchy ice cream is with Greek mastic, but it is not the same as salep.

Last edited @ May 18, 6:42AM EDT.
May 18, 6:37AM EDT0
What was the biggest inspiration behind the creation of CulturEatz?
May 17, 8:46PM EDT1

Hi AINEJEL! Do you mean how I started the blog? Well, I had opened a dinner group on meetup . com back in 2007 and we went to cheap ethnic restaurants twice a month. 6months in I started a blog to chronicle the group's dinners. To fill in the gaps I started posting recipes. That was more fun and soon it became just a recipe blog, even after I closed the dinner group in 2010.

Last edited @ May 18, 6:29AM EDT.
May 18, 6:29AM EDT0
What is the average length of time to make the recipes on CulturEatz?
May 17, 5:47PM EDT1

Hi CHRISTIANDALE! That is not an easy question, it really depends on the recipe. Some can be very quick, under 20 minutes or less. Desserts can take longer to bake and decorate. Breads need time to rise. But I guess the average main meal recipe is around 30 min to 1 hour. But again it depends on the recipe.

May 17, 8:07PM EDT0
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